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-Silver: >>1233826

-Bloom: >>1000218

-Diamond: >>56170
safe (1429331)artist:liggliluff (168)artist:piranhaplant1 (32)artist:slb94 (1029)edit (99154)editor:slayerbvc (1402)vector edit (1767)apple bloom (43619)diamond tiara (9051)silver spoon (5817)earth pony (148283)pony (698111)accessory-less edit (354)accessory swap (1502)adorabloom (1975)adorabullies (106)apple bloom's bow (715)bow (19397)cute (148578)cutie mark (33914)diamondbetes (396)female (760135)filly (50519)giggling (626)glasses (47013)hair bow (10398)jewelry (39073)missing accessory (6712)necklace (12276)raised hoof (32084)silverbetes (199)simple background (290839)smiling (183200)the cmc's cutie marks (4185)transparent background (151873)vector (66594)


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