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suggestive130942 alternate version36949 artist:radiantrealm331 applejack161337 autumn afternoon140 autumn blaze3453 fluttershy201418 rain shine391 winter flame162 earth pony211001 kirin7193 pegasus252286 pony869676 sounds of silence3250 angry24681 applesub245 arm behind back5236 autumnsub9 bondage31018 cloth gag1344 commission56612 damsel in distress284 dock45007 female1273460 females only11535 femdom7333 femsub9526 fluttersub226 gag13268 levitation10901 magic67455 mare433025 missing cutie mark4106 rope10503 rope bondage3396 show accurate11547 show accurate porn6115 submissive14158 telekinesis25163 tied up5233 underhoof47360


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Big loud things on poles
stumbles upon kirin village and sees this happening. "Pulls M249 SAW out of ford f350 and aims it at villagers. "I wouldn't do that if you value being alive."
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Again… Autumn Blaze could just easily escape. Nothing is keeping her from transforming as she has clearly shown before. Her magic isn't being restrained and if anything she is MORE powerful than any of the others due to the fact she has control over both of her forms while everyone else does not.

In Treue fest
A necessary measure to prevent the outbreak of conflict. Wouldn't want another fire, would they?
They'll be held for a good while and soaked thoroughly in the Stream of Silence at regular intervals. It's the only way to make sure that not a single ember of volatile passion remains. They won't be safe to release until the process is complete.

Why would Autumn Blaze worry about this? She can light herself on fire and burn away any of the ropes. Plus she has magic. Seems like tying her up would be moot since she could just easily escape from it. Oh and they are all missing their cutie marks as well.