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Artist’s description:
So many merry christmases in this one i have to put them under a readmore!
Merry Early Christmas to baronofcaring (twilight) wispz (rainbowdash) alextfish (sunset) pegasusie (rarity) gamebuddy123 (applejack) tangerineblasttheintern (pinkie) and @tonythegrey (fluttershy)
safe1754670 artist:typhwosion487 applejack173593 fluttershy217617 pinkie pie220537 rainbow dash238964 rarity185959 sunset shimmer64965 twilight sparkle306628 alicorn233537 earth pony267585 pegasus310597 pony1014244 unicorn343926 equestria girls207768 alternate mane seven198 book34630 bow30075 chibi14860 clothes477209 cute206169 dream2747 eating9975 female1405316 flying39530 food73183 indoors3452 levitation12603 magic75567 mane six32638 mare503883 onesie803 pajamas3387 pillow18700 pizza2014 pizza box339 pointy ponies3460 sleeping23975 slumber party212 sneezing1422 teary eyes4451 telekinesis28811 that pony sure does love books1172 thought bubble3582 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126364


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