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safe1658744 artist:noidavaliable74 gallus6479 ocellus5070 sandbar5281 silverstream5919 smolder7551 starlight glimmer47205 twilight sparkle294172 yona4933 classical hippogriff4762 griffon26067 hippogriff9239 pony922868 unicorn303994 blushing189729 book32459 comic105862 engrish1541 glowing horn18739 implied porn93 magic70883 oops476 spread wings52038 student six1576 telekinesis26674 wingboner8017 wings97316


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Changeling Guard-Consort
I’d like a follow-up in which Twilight tries to get the books back, but the students won’t let them go because they’ve fallen in love with the actual stories.
Background Pony #A57E
Extra, extra breaking news from the school news paper our Guidance counselor and head mare bring a whole crate of 18+ book into the school.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
Starlight: Well, how was I supposed to know that books titled Coitus in the Classroom, Explicit, Not for Children, 18+ Only weren't textbooks!?
Twilight: (angry look)
Starlight: Okay, fine. But I'm not the one who had porn delivered to the school when my home is seconds away.
Derpy: I've got a crate here for Starlight Glimmer c/o Friendship School.
Starlight: That's, uh, probably just chalk and, er, desk legs. Things our students need. yeah, that's the ticket.
Derpy: Awww, that means I delivered this crate of back-issues of Horned n' Horny: Purple and Blue Chicks Annual to the wrong place. Guess I better take 'em back to the post offi-
Starlight: NO!!
Twilight: well, at least you didn't pass out the erotica that Pinkie reads. (shudder)

Yona: Yona is speechless… (thinking) shovel-play with teacher! that yak fetish!
Background Pony #A57E
Extra, extra read all about it. Princess Twilight give under age student adult books.