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explicit313416 artist:duop-qoub509 artist:pabbley2249 spitfire12702 anthro226444 pegasus233252 plantigrade anthro26259 abs8940 areola13012 bdsm5453 belt4471 belts131 blushing173040 bondage29915 breasts235504 busty spitfire876 dialogue59030 feet33930 female881901 fitfire89 looking at you140978 mare405482 medical bondage77 muscles9619 muscular female744 nipples140537 nudity328939 slab11 spread legs16127 spreading15737 vulva110305


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19 comments posted
Background Pony #700A

Lightning Dust would get RD thrown into a cell with Spitfire. And get the both of them put in extremely secure bondage. And find some really good studs to impregnate them for the next generation of Wonderbolts <3
Background Pony #A7A6
@Background Pony #85B1
Lightning Dust is the wardress and she punishes her helpless prisoner for being unruly.

She really enjoys having her former superior in her power and will teach Spitfire a lesson she will never forget.

It is time that the proud former captain is finally taken down a peg and learns her lesson.

Spitfire is beyond furious about being humiliated like that (especially by Lightning Dust) but there is absolutely nothing that she can do about it.
Background Pony #35D2
I wonder what they'll do to her in high-sec confinement. Hopefully they'll put her in even more bondage :O. Some bindings on the feet for sure. And a collar and blindfold for sexy times!