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safe (1429509)artist:jowybean (810)applejack (147871)daring do (5686)fluttershy (184187)pinkie pie (189095)rainbow dash (203975)rarity (157680)twilight sparkle (260559)alicorn (163631)butterfly (5510)earth pony (148337)pegasus (188117)pony (698273)unicorn (203426)cider (2264)cloud (28482)female (760311)glowing horn (13611)levitation (8688)lying on a cloud (239)magic (57528)magic aura (1886)mane six (26484)mare (335432)paper (2600)pen (979)pinkiecopter (64)plushie (19720)simple background (290901)tankard (288)telekinesis (20720)tongue out (75804)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102129)upside down (4490)white background (72188)


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