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safe1770274 edit138041 edited screencap68881 screencap231488 princess cadance33417 silverstream6362 classical hippogriff5152 hippogriff10264 pony1030248 three's a crowd1337 what lies beneath1617 angry28450 birb320 cheap61 cropped51185 cute208100 diastreamies1217 faic12659 female1418967 food74155 frown23937 glare8334 holding3462 lasagna27 meat1995 meme84098 open mouth158279 pasta434 peetzer124 pepperoni433 pepperoni pizza418 pizza2039 ponies eating meat1019 smiling266903 smirk13277 smug6377 solo1108866 spread wings58223 that pony sure does love pizza125 wings126961


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