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safe1704122 edit132258 edited screencap65040 screencap221928 princess cadance32423 silverstream6130 classical hippogriff4960 hippogriff9704 pony965398 three's a crowd1310 what lies beneath1607 angry27167 birb313 cheap60 cropped49232 cute199444 diastreamies1192 faic12324 female1360954 food69958 frown22829 glare8230 holding3160 lasagna27 meat1875 meme81843 open mouth145352 pasta412 peetzer120 pepperoni429 pepperoni pizza416 pizza1924 ponies eating meat975 smiling247636 smirk12449 smug6004 solo1062544 spread wings54597 that pony sure does love pizza118 wings106934


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