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A very nuanced and lengthy philosophical discussion followed this revelation
safe1750250 artist:t72b820 derpibooru exclusive29308 fluttershy217237 pinkie pie220140 rainbow dash238542 ork83 da red wunz go fasta3 female1401697 irl71657 male387954 misspelling2496 monochrome152330 photo81496 plushie24736 text62177 toy22455 traditional art120243 warhammer (game)2138 warhammer 40k2061 wat19472


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Yes I know Rainbow dash is fast but not that fast I’m referring to ghost rider he can out pass even superman and miulnere aka Thor’s hammer in les then 1 trillionth of a second so yah rainbow dash my be fast but no one out runs the ghost rider
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