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My Community Collab Entry! =D

Linkster's OC is Hemmy. Mine is Desta.
safe1727877 artist:theonewithoutaname251 oc698249 oc only456366 oc:desta46 oc:hemmy4 alpaca977 zebra18059 2019 community collab807 derpibooru community collaboration3805 them's fightin' herds4650 alpaca oc3 blushing201107 blushing profusely2069 chest fluff40087 clothes467508 community related4309 crossdressing9456 ear piercing27069 earring21662 embarrassed11572 eyebrow piercing889 female1382119 filly68247 foal15542 heterochromia5600 horns6133 hug28723 jewelry65765 male380483 nose piercing2756 nose ring2177 offspring40072 open mouth150009 parent:blue3 parent:paprika4 piercing42169 plot80535 school swimsuit237 simple background401463 standing12532 swimsuit28937 tail29084 transparent background205642 zebra oc3369


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