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A big uproar in front of the stage and something that catches Dusk’s attention.

Page with the Chapter 29
Thanks for commenting, it motivate me to continue the story, and thanks for reading 
safe (1427980)artist:bigsnusnu (33)applejack (147678)pinkie pie (188915)rainbow dash (203748)rarity (157506)trixie (56006)twilight sparkle (260223)earth pony (147924)pegasus (187727)pony (695434)unicorn (202874)comic:dusk shine in pursuit of happiness (11)angry (19990)comic (89404)dilated pupils (527)dusk shine (2024)excessive fluff (25)exclamation point (2871)female (759078)fluffy (11498)frown (19576)gag (11689)glare (7565)half r63 shipping (1471)lidded eyes (18635)looking at someone (132)male (257674)mare (334675)on back (19974)open mouth (104035)reflection (2473)rope (8957)rope gag (90)rule 63 (22672)shipping (164307)smiling (182954)speech bubble (16640)stage (2382)stallion (72883)straight (109388)text (40521)tied up (3792)trixshine (50)twixie (4459)unamused (11287)unicorn dusk shine (55)unicorn twilight (7915)worried (2826)


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