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Average picture of Veronika expressing herself. But how many Pixels is emotions, David Cage? :^|


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@Background Pony #4297
That went from zero to one thousand very quickly…

Backing up a few steps, Thats the point. This NPC meme was created by those who have a dark sense of humor. This is the internet after all. The fact that its got the reaction that it was created for says it all.
As for killing people (Im not sure where this has came from but il bite) That is straight up, Evil. There is nothing ironic about that, its pure evil. Regardless if you lean left or right on politics. and of course… i wouldn't be surprised if this has been meme'd too.

Actually. il go the step further. Yes. it has been memed. The vegas shootings, The event in New zealand recently, 9/11, The list goes on. No doubt created by trolls. or perhaps even those with a political vested interest. Or perhaps those that have a nasty sense of humor. Or maybe all three.

Frankly. There is little anyone can do about it. Except prevent such events in the first place. Which can be difficult depending where your from. But this type of…Shall we say…Discussion (Im not sure if thats the right term) has been going on since for ever. The internet how ever has just made it a hell of a lot easier for it to spread. which in turn…evolved into memes.
Background Pony #D72E
Yes,people tend to react badly at being dehumanized especially by a website that proved itself very recently that it was a radicalization machine capable of producing meme-quoting mass murderers. Memes are not just "memes" anymore.They dont exist in a vacuum.Also braying "NPC" make you sound like a total dunce.You are basically saying that "life is a video game and you are its hero".It reek of cheetos and unregulated social maladjustment like everything channerS ever produced
You're not special and unique.Strange that channers fashion themselves "special snowflakes above the mass".I thought you guys hated that stuff.Then again,i dont care.No point wasting my times with murderers strapping themselves with GoPro camera and "ironically" killing people

@Background Pony #4297
Im afraid the answer to that is simple my friend.
When the NPC meme went viral the media giants clamped down on it hard. including facebook and twitter.
They legit started banning people on some warped view of discrimination.

thus proving the NPC's point all along. They are NPC's incapable of expressing another view. only what they are programmed.

Ironic isnt it?
Background Pony #D72E
I dont see that meme pulled off that often nowadays.Strange,did something vaguely video game/terrorism/4Chan related happened recently ? That owuld be akward in a "It's Alway Sunny in Philadelphia" way if something happened that showed those "internet jokes" were taken very seriously by some fringe of the populations whose media diet only consist of alternate media and memes :-(