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In Treue fest
Eating like a princess can have quite a sudden impact on a pony's figure.
Surprising perhaps, but certainly not undesirable.
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That pose reminds me of Troy McClure, so have something dumb.

Hi there, I'm Twilight Sparkle! You may recognize me from such films as A Magical Friendship Ride (For Just The Two Of Us), and Starswirl: My Best Mentor On Benefits.

Today we're going to talk about Equestrian cuisine, and how you too can choose a healthy, yet tasty diet. Take, for example, the hayburger, of which there is one on the table to my left.

Now, this burger is extremely tasty. However, it is also delicious, and scrumptious, and full of delectable ingredients.

Wait, what's that? That wasn't in the script? What do you… oh. Oh whoops. Don't worry, I'll try it again!

Ahem! Now, this burger is fantastically delicious, almost as if it was a gift from some kind of godly being, brought to our world as a blessing from the divine. I for one love these things, and will happily eat several at a time-

What? Again? I don't even remember going off-track! All I did was look at the burger, and… and… oh, Celestia forgive me…

[a full minute of various eating sounds occur off camera, as Twilight pounces on the table and knocks everything out of frame]

Alright! Now that I've got that out of my system…

W-wait, what? My suit is…? Ah! No! I spent hours on that! I don't even have anything to change into… unless…

Ahem! Hi there, I'm Twilight Sparkle! You may recognize me from such films as Poisons Are Not A Joke, and Zebras Can Basically Solve All Of Your Problems.

You may also be wondering why I'm presenting this in my underwear. Well, I'm not going to tell you.

Despite it's unorthodox nature, this educational video quickly became the most popular piece ever shown at schools across the nation. It also has the exact opposite of its intended effect, mostly due to Twilight making googly eyes at the burgers for half its runtime. If it's good enough for your princess it's good enough for you, right?