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Welcome to BrightVerse! My popular and NOTP universe AU of my next gens. Like the other universes, none of these characters, events, and fanfics are canon. This universe is kind of a little more dark, twisted, and suggestive than SkittleVerse. These designs aren’t meant to copy someones designs, nor copying the canon MLP FIM designs.

This is Red Velvet Cake. She is the straight haired daughter of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. Red manages regal feasts and parties. Mostly, baking and cooking in Canterlot. Unlike her parents and siblings, she isn’t that too cheerful as her parents. Red is one of the high society bakers. Her cuisine and deserts are popular in Canterlot and Manehattan. She’s more of a Gordon Ramsay pony than Pinkie. Her last name is honored by the Cake family. Red speaks both English and French fluently.

"Bon appétit everypony!"

"This is so 5 stars!"


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