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woops another contest entry
whelp cant help it pretty cute horses would fit well together xD

pt sorry if i wrote a bit much >w<

Name: Flitter nightfall (who was adopted from K-indle just lightened the yellow in the mane, removed her gloria or rather made it so it only apears when she uses her magic and slightly changed the wings)Species: actually more of a magical creation than and actuall ponyAge: her curent age is 67 (but she lives eternally and always looks like she's what ever age she decides to be)Personality: she's a bit shy, very curious, loves to exsplorer, be around others, try new things, taking night flights and collecting small things like bells, feathers, shells and so on
Sexuality: biHow they met: flitter was out taking a night gliding when she dropped the lille silver bell she always carry with her, she followed the sound of the bell chimes down to the ground and as she landed made her wings disapear. she went around trying to find her beloved little bell and heard the chimes move away from her while hearing the faint sound of hoves, she went ivestigating for the sound and spotted a purple bat pony with yellow wings who was walking with her silver bell.

Flitter fastly ran over to the bat pony and stopped her by wave her hoves like some crazy pony, the bat pony stared wierdly at her asking what was wrong? flitter came out with a silent sigh then pointed at the silver bell and pointed at herself, "oh? you want the bell?" the bat pony said, flitter slightly nooded then picked up a stick writing i the dirt "im sorry if i come of as rude but i dropped my silver bell and it is the first item ive spotted after comming to life,
and i kinde use it to get other attention since i am mute"
the bat pony understood fastly and returned the bell to flitter where after asking what her name was, flitter wrote her name in the dirt and then asked for her name ofc by writing in the dirt the bat pony answeared that her name was bright star and then asked why she was out here, flitter answeared she was out on one of her night flights,
"night fligts?" said Bright star while looking weardly at her as she could not se any wings or anything.

Flitter looked at her back then at Bright star then made her wings apear with a little sweet smile on her face,
bright star instandly lit up trying to feal her wings tho her hoves just went right throug then and when she pulled out her hoof it slightly sparkle shortly with stardust, she flickkered excited with her bat wings and kept putting her hoof throug flitters wings while maintaining a huge smile on her face she then look facineted at flitter asking her servaral questions in a very short time and flitter stood there looking cunfused at her like she couldnt understand what she was saying as she spoke so fast.
well after a bit of talking from birght star and writing from flitter they found out they both loves collecting small things that they find like bells, feathers, shells and so on and dicede to go for there nightly flights togther since they enjoyed eachothers company

Why'd they be good together: i think they would be lovely together as Brightstar is so bubbly and loud and flitter is more mellow and silent i think there could be a good ballence there, also the fact that both of them loves collecting small items and night flights would fit very well with eachother

2.Name: Daybreak (wich was made by tsurime and i adopted her from ZowieStardust-MLP)Species: PegasyAge: 24Personality: she a bit adventures tomboy, she loves to help out, hate getting up early as she's a real nightowl she's real loyal and kind tho dont always know how to exspress herself and she is a little clumsy at times
Sexuality: biHow they met: Daybreak went to take her nightly rounds and went to her best friends place to se if he wanted to go with her, tho upon arriving there she saw him sleeping over hes tarrot table so she decided not to disturb him and went on her flight by herself.
there wasnt much to do this night as everything was in order around the small town she lives near, so she went a bit further away from the town into the forest.
She landed in a clearing in the forest and went relaxing under a tree when she heard a rustle from some bushes and went to check it out,
whatever was in there moved fastly into another bush that daybreak flwe over to check out and the creature did same thing again this time with a sligt laughder, after a few more times with the same thing daybreak turned around and there stood a purple bat pony with a big smile saying hi.
daybreak fell starled back with a little shriek, the bat pony sligtly laughed, said sorry for scaring her, helped her up and brushed her of sligtly
daybreak looked a bit strangely at her and asked her where the H*** she came from, the bat pony pointed up and answeared "uum from up there and before that from home and before that from…" Daybreak stopped her "okay okay i get it but what i ment was more why are you out here and why where you following me?" The bat pony answered that she was just going for one of her night flights and spotted somepony new so she wanted to go over and say hi and maybe get to know somepony new.
daybreak raised her hoff with a little smile and said "my name is daybreak and you are"
the bat pony smiled greatly shook her hoof and said "my name is Bright star"
Daybreak and Bright star tilaked a bit laughed at some of eachothers stories and agreed to take the rest of there night fligt with eachother,
when it was about the time to go home they agreed to do this again and daybreak said she should also meet her best friend Nothern light as she bet she would love to meet him.

Why'd they be good together:
i think with this bubbly and anxious personallity bright star has i think Daybreak would easely be able to handle that as she can be a bit wild herself at times while other times calm and collective so she could both mellow her out and at time mach her out ther person
Bright star belongs to:
and ofc SSPC can be found here


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