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We are privy to information to which you have no access and make our judgements based on that. If you want to discuss site policy, then you may do so on the forums, but until we're paid a wage for moderating this site, you don't get to complain about our "professionalism".
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Christ, remind me to stay the fuck away from that admin. They could at least handle the situation like a mature adult, and not an abusive, name calling brat.

The way to show professionalism isn't by going down to their level with petty insults, but by remaining calm and stern, and talking to them like you would any other person: with respect regardless of what they've done or said.

And if you are one of those people who has no respect for others, then well, you're the type of person other people like to steer clear of.

On another note, I bet OP is just having a great time with all this. XD
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Given the fact no one was listening to them beforehand, it's likely they got extremely upset… Which, while the reaction was uncalled for, is understandable.
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As I've said, I've seen best friends who are not a couple act just like Lyra and Bon Bon.

Unless you can give me solid, confirmed, concrete, undeniable evidence that suggests otherwise, they are just best friends.
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You've been told before, and are being told again:

As a general rule, we prefer not to see shipping tags on screencaps. However, the implications of this particular screencap and the relationship in general make it clear that there's a not-so-subtle ship being given semi-official status.

As was said three years ago, the tags stay. I'm locking them.

Now stop. Last warning.

@Everyone else: I suggest to just stop replying.