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i had to do it man
safe1769994 artist:aaa-its-spook242 princess cadance33407 alicorn236150 pony1029927 blushing207381 crepuscular rays3210 crown18258 cute208047 cutedance1298 eyes closed99987 eyeshadow17025 female1418676 food74139 great value11 happy32599 horn80798 jewelry70463 lipstick11850 makeup23413 mare511067 meat1993 meme84078 peetzer124 pepperoni433 pepperoni pizza418 pizza2039 ponies eating meat1018 regalia21565 smiling266805 solo1108609 sparkly mane241 that pony sure does love pizza125 waifu1288


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Background Pony #FA9C
Cadence, pizza delivery mare has become lazy :3
“Here’s your pizza”
“It’s frozen”
“Do I still get a tip”
Background Pony #FA9C
Can Shining be trusted to cook this pizza without the castle catching on fire?
Also pretty Candace :)