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safe1769250 artist:pesty_skillengton703 applejack174747 earth pony274176 pony1029131 blushing207267 clothes482459 coffee4049 commissioner:raritybro509 cute207933 cutie mark50567 daaaaaaaaaaaw4773 female1418025 floppy ears55471 heart eyes17744 hnnng2492 implied lesbian3593 implied rarijack455 implied rarity1126 implied shipping5257 jackabetes6329 mare510695 scarf24144 smiling266531 solo1108136 wingding eyes23817 winter4523 ych result23513


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Rarity mug and AJ with heart eyes and a blush, I think it’s a clear ‘Implied shipping’.
@NataSkillengton were you going for it?