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safe1705647 artist:pesty_skillengton675 applejack169830 earth pony248460 pony966812 blushing197510 clothes459312 coffee3875 commissioner:raritybro480 cute199662 cutie mark47703 daaaaaaaaaaaw3872 female1362284 floppy ears52286 heart eyes16588 hnnng2431 implied lesbian3461 implied rarijack444 implied rarity1066 implied shipping5021 jackabetes5964 mare480128 scarf23243 smiling248195 solo1063646 wingding eyes22242 winter4458 ych result21329


not provided yet


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Rarity mug and AJ with heart eyes and a blush, I think it's a clear 'Implied shipping'.

@NataSkillengton were you going for it?