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From Pshyzo’s tumblr, kind surprised it wasn’t here already.
safe1861446 artist:pshyzomancer555 pinkie pie229595 rainbow dash249402 equestria girls222341 bone3437 breasts315410 cleavage38337 halloween9826 holiday25244 implied sci-twi112 implied sunset shimmer397 lineart22446 nervous6478 prank1543 scared11668 skeleton2098 skull3380 suggestive source40


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In Treue fest
Sometimes there is. At night, I keep it in a jar on my bedside table so the skeletons can’t steal my dreams.  
Don’t ask how I get it back in every morning. It’s rather hard to tell without a brain.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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nobody's favorite
Who knows what sinister thoughts could be contained within those bones?
All thoughts are contained in those bones, since your brain is inside your skull. :P

Having a skeleton inside us doesn’t really bother me since it makes up our body’s framework.
What I would find disturbing, is a human body without a skeleton. Try picturing that.

In Treue fest
Her fear is understandable. After all, there are skeletons everywhere, inside all of us.  
They move as we move. All the time just watching and waiting, biding their time, laying dormant.  
Who knows what sinister thoughts could be contained within those bones?
Dusk Star Shine
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Oh yeah, I would love to see the look on Pinkie’s face when she figures out where those two skeletons that Rainbow is talking are at, it would be quite a shock for her I bet when she finds out.