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Get covered in the little buggers, get an awkward boner, they swarm all over the boner, it just keeps escalating :P
explicit (282034)artist:badumsquish (1722)derpibooru exclusive (20286)quarter hearts (108)earth pony (147851)pony (695204)blushing (153652)cum (64838)cumming (16111)eyes closed (67874)forbidden woods (2)frown (19573)gritted teeth (9131)hat (64639)horsecock (51384)male (257547)monster on pony action (9)morth (2)nudity (294390)on back (19972)orgasm (6813)penis (121478)pinned (380)show accurate (7741)show accurate porn (4621)solo (875036)solo male (21040)struggling (673)the legend of zelda (2737)the legend of zelda: the wind waker (11)

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Warrior Changeling
On the one hand it’s weird af, on the other you’ve given us more Quarter Hearts porn of which there is not nearly enough.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
Just when I’ve think I’ve seen every fetish, thank you Badumsquish, you have reminded there are still more fetish out there.
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Background Pony #3E7C
I like to imagine they’re not pointy, but actually squishy with only a little give
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