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shiningsparkle pack 4 of 8
explicit343457 artist:rainbownspeedash484 shining armor22842 twilight sparkle296827 alicorn218892 pony940086 absurd resolution65487 big crown thingy2329 brother and sister4090 crown16248 door3885 female1337184 horsecock66769 incest13292 infidelity6420 infidelity armor1518 jewelry60812 male362958 nudity361775 penetration56440 penis149884 regalia19082 sex118385 shiningsparkle1467 shipping196404 show accurate14229 show accurate porn6781 straight133516 twicest1165 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122183 vaginal38425 vaginal secretions39071 vector75759


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Artist -

If you don't mind me asking, what ever happened to the other 4? Did you get burnt out on it? Believe me, I know that feeling all too well.

Not that they are a necessity to do anyways. What you already did of this set is god tier fap material.
Background Pony #13AC
Dude, you already have a hot wife. Give some other stallions (or colts) a chance.
Background Pony #AE43
Wincest's dictionary definition should be Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armour
Background Pony #2F16
Me: Aw, that's so sweet.

Sometime later:

Spike: What's this slime all over the floor? Hmm? Well, better get the mop and bucket. *Walks Away Whistling*

Starlight: Hmmm? Where's that broom closet! I swear every time I'm summoned to the map room I end up walking into that same broom closet and getting pummeled and assaulted by brooms. BUT, whenever I ACTUALLY need a BROOM it seemingly DISAPPEARS!! *Sighs* I have got to stop talking to mysel- *Slips*


Starlight: AH! WHAT THE FLANK! What's all this sticky stuff on the floor? Ugh, I got it all over my chest and belly. Ugh, and some of it got in my mouth!! Ugh, it's on my butt too! AND HOW THE FLANK BUCK DID IT GET ON MY FOALFONDLING BACKSIDE?!? SON OF EX-QUEEN CHRYSALIS! *Snort* Haa, that one's never getting old. *Chuckle* That bitch…

*Watching from the shadows*

TS: All according to that "Japanese word for plan".