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Never a dull night in the Bangline household, especially when they get into Elastic's stock of Thinking Juice&tm; and Line just so happens to've picked up a box of P-235 Dynamite earlier that day.

Gusty just seems confused as to how she wound up in bed rather than being the bed.
suggestive129301 artist:the-furry-railfan829 oc612092 oc only412879 oc:gustriana24 oc:interrobang54 oc:linework76 earth pony203419 griffon25066 pony855232 aftersex8497 bed36771 dynamite225 explosives267 grin33381 group sex13929 implied sex5428 morning after180 pillow15704 sleeping21901 smiling218166 threesome9260


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