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Customs for WinniePie

Top row:

*Parents: Twilight and Sunburst

*Suggested name: Antique Pottery (nickname: Potter)

*Suggested fact: Potter is an antisocial, ocd freak with a fascination for ancient artifacts and old languages.


*Parents: Apple Jack and Strawberry Surprise

*Suggested Name: Silver-tongued

*Suggested fact: Silver here can sell everything at anything with her fast, smoothe talking ways and country accent.


*Parents: Rairty and Spitefire

*Suggested name: L’Oréal

*Suggested fact: L’Oréal likes to live more expensive than he can afford, then again, his is a model for the top brands.


Bottom Row:

*Parents: Fluttershy and Doctor Fauna

* Suggested name: Flora Fang

*Suggested fact: Flora, like her mother, has an affinity for animals and is part of a team that rescues dangerous animals. May or may not be a werepony.


* Parents: Rainbow Dash and Moondancer

*Suggested name: Hoofball Egghead

*Suggested fact: Hoofball doesn’t like to play sports and would much rather be reading, but it please RD so he does it anyway.


*Parents: Pinkie and Luna

*Suggested name: Neon midnight

*Suggested fact: Neon is a D.J. at a night club that’s open all night every night. Her hairs also natural glows near lights and she can easily light up a whole room with it. The louder the party gets, the brighter her mane.

safe1573531 artist:pastel-charms209 oc603881 oc only409244 oc:antique pottery1 oc:flora fang1 oc:hoofball egghead1 oc:l'oréal1 oc:neon midnight1 oc:silver tongue20 earth pony198321 pegasus239030 pony844315 unicorn265495 clothes408372 female897621 glasses54813 magical lesbian spawn10695 male304936 mare414731 offspring34312 parent:applejack3259 parent:doctor fauna17 parent:fluttershy4032 parent:moondancer314 parent:pinkie pie3581 parent:princess luna1947 parent:rainbow dash5002 parent:rarity3561 parent:spitfire362 parent:strawberry sunrise93 parent:sunburst868 parent:twilight sparkle7301 parents:applerise77 parents:faunashy13 parents:lunapie38 parents:rainbowdancer2 parents:rarifire3 parents:twiburst184 scarf21092 stallion92480


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