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Because otherwise someone might use it accidentally and not know how to fix it, or in the wrong hands they’d overuse it intentionally to learn how it works the hard way, making a bigger mess.
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Background Pony #3EEA
It’s plausible to think the people in EqG do speak Equestrian or similar language. Seeing as Sunset and Twilight had no trouble communicating with the others. In times we do see the mirror world’s script it’s similar to the one used in Equestria.
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I can see someone from Equestria being naive enough to hide a powerful relic with instructions about what it is and how it works under the belief that people who find it will make sure not to use it.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I hate Oni.
Are these the instructions? I thought Clover just wrapped the stone in a page of his scroll. Since we can’t read it, maybe it’s just one of the scraps Twilight said Clover used when he was battling the sorceress.
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Background Pony #7A58
It’s Canon: EqG world is the dump site for troublesome Equestrian magic (the geodes, the Memory Stone, the Dazzlings).
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