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Thought this character was just too cute not to draw… then saw this moment, and knew I had to do something with it ;p  
explicit362365 artist:mackstack354 cinder glow795 summer flare795 kirin9319 pony1014065 sounds of silence3371 anal28523 anatomically correct24880 animated101066 anus100512 background kirin442 balls79845 bored sex278 butt66365 clitoris28494 cum81856 dialogue68208 ear twitch500 emotionless125 female1405208 frame by frame4153 gif32231 head tilt1074 horsecock72006 ketchup vein1282 male389147 medial ring6371 nudity383266 penetration61220 penis159536 plot82219 sex126095 straight140625 tail31346 vein4176 vein bulge3103 vulva132667 vulvar winking12418


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And also a large variety of expressions if Maud Pie is anything to go by. That or Pinkie is trying way too hard to cover for her sister being devoid of emotion.
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@Background Pony #483E  
I know “dissociative sex” is typically used to refer to the kind of emotional distancing during sex as a result of sexual abuse and stuff, but I mean it in purely just the sense of acting like its not happening, but specifically not caring that it’s happening, rather than wishing it wasn’t happening or being emotionally distant. At least, I wouldn’t really consider it the same kind of “emotionally distant” if it was still entirely consensual.  
So its just a case of “w/e, I love you but I’m busy cooking/playing games/working/reading/whatever, I don’t care what you do down there so long as it doesn’t distract me from the task at hand”
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Or as I usually call it, “dissociative sex”, even if it probably isn’t the most fitting word.
“Emotionally Detached” is how I usually think of it.
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Well… I mean, she is winking…
The kink for me anyway is trying to get an emotional response out of her. But I think this girl’s a little too experienced in her craft for that.