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again i want to get things done anyways i did this i think in the near beginning of November idk i want to make something before Christmas so i did this this is what i think would happen if a krampus like creature was in equestria and it was really hard and i want to get it done because part of it was i really dont like to do cozy glow after what she did i like reformed villeins i feel like after seeing the grinch (old one or the 2000 one also the one with the cat in the hat) lilo and stitch and even how they act like in billy and Mandy that people can be good or at least show that they can even if they dont want to admit or know even i dont find jekyll , hyde, adam (Frankenstein’s monster) the invasable man warewolfs or even Dracula (after reading some part of a wiki) that bad they are only doing because of there nature or it’s society’s fault and when i se my little pony friendship is magic it really shows reformation and second chances i still hope to see chrysalis reform too she may be  bad leader but she was ether doing because of her type of changeling nature or she was thought that way but cozy glow is just something else really at least the villeins i see in shows or in books  ether reading them or summerys) shows the have feelings or that they just want to b free or find a cure for there bad situation or does not want to be alone  or they may call themselves bad but things that they done show that they can be good or at least have a soft spot but again cozy is just something else 

sorry for that paragraph i just want to let somethings out 


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