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Spike is so Confuse 
safe (1425346)artist:zouyugi (169)autumn blaze (2465)boulder (pet) (1161)madame leflour (382)maud pie (11043)mudbriar (561)pinkie pie (188560)princess skystar (1568)shelldon (61)shelly (66)spike (68165)twiggy (pet) (28)butterfly (5489)dragon (37374)earth pony (147343)hippogriff (6624)kirin (4793)pony (688060)my little pony: the movie (16474)sounds of silence (3095)autumnstar (7)cargo ship (493)confused (3310)engrish (1292)female (756909)flour (232)looking at you (120042)male (256677)mare (333724)maudbriar (196)shipping (164011)stallion (72626)stick and stone (11)straight (109137)


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