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Ampdragon likes to visit Sweet Treat’s smoothie shop, so is it too surprising that a dragon like herself would want to have some fun and get her smoothie served on the mare herself at some point?

Firey Maw Version: >>1881029
suggestive (113169)artist:guywithamp (273)oc (525629)oc:amplitude (150)oc:sweet-treat (46)dragon (37797)pegasus (188326)pony (698856)blushing (153940)drool (20127)fangs (17748)female (760840)floppy ears (41348)food (51169)foodplay (1397)forked tongue (709)ice cream (4012)imminent vore (1849)lesbian (81967)long tongue (1495)maw (665)mawshot (1057)open mouth (104340)pinned (382)pinned down (135)smoothie (180)species swap (15785)spread wings (41051)tongue out (75851)wings (53140)

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