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Dance with me Twilight

One night, Twilight Sparkle was with his friends at Disco and discovered a pony watching him.
"Who’s that?" Twilight wondered.
"Ooh, who?" Rarity asked excitedly.
"He." Twilight said, and showed a yellow-colored unicorn stallion.
"He may be called Comet Tail," Pinkie Pie said.
"He is coming here." Rarity said.
Comet Tail came in front of Twilight and took his coat.
"Dancing with you Twilight." Comet Tail said flirtatiously.
"Go and have fun." Rarity said and fucked her friend.

made with colored pencil

Twilight Sparkle and Comet Tail

characters owned by: Hasbro


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Flash-… Jeez, CometLight.

From thumbnail, I thought Twilight is hugging Flash Sentry, eventually making this almost FlashLight, turns out it’s not!
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