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my brain during no nut november…

Why derpibooru….why

Internally Screaming

"Suggestive" Because I cropped out all privates
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Saphire Systrine

*meows externally*
Number 4

Dont flatter yourself
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Background Pony #A4A1
So this is why deep-fried pony porn with the bass blasting is my new fetish
Aw fuck yea
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No nut November is the more inclusive version of no shave November. It’s an act of solidarity with people who have prostate cancer, as it has been plaguing men for ages with no cure. It’s also a practice of self control, which is always healthy.
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Gate Crasher
Happy Derpy! - For Patreon supporters

(Previously known as Furtive Tactics)

@I Was Never Here
I’m not telling you to stop. I had no idea that you don’t normally wear a beard. This information was left out entirely, as far as I’m aware. I did not know that you meticulously shave your beard except for one month, so I suppose that’s completely justified.

All this time I was under the impression that all you did was NOT shave your beard at all during one month of the year, which from my perspective is, "Well, if you normally have a beard and then shave it every time it gets long except for this one month, what’s the difference? I’d assume people would just assume you forgot to shave it or didn’t have the time."

I apologize for this misunderstanding, but you must realize that I lacked the information regarding your shaving tenancies year-round.
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