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please respect my opinion on these ships, do not start an argument

thank you

Mlp Heads belong to Saphi-Boo 
safe (1344585)artist:xxwerecatdipperxx (22)apple bloom (40951)applejack (139533)big macintosh (23947)braeburn (5418)caramel (2137)comet tail (767)derpy hooves (44394)dumbbell (542)flash magnus (531)flash sentry (10064)fluttershy (174212)gabby (1371)gilda (8221)lightning dust (3671)limestone pie (4122)night glider (1112)pinkie pie (179421)pound cake (2136)quibble pants (1161)rainbow dash (193819)rarity (148562)scootaloo (44495)shining armor (19085)snails (4593)snips (3469)starlight glimmer (34556)stygian (486)sunset shimmer (46496)sweetie belle (41688)thorax (3290)thunderlane (3321)twilight sparkle (246137)alicorn (146871)carajack (333)changedling (4922)changeling (27970)cometlime (1)crack shipping (2926)derpgian (1)female (683406)flashglider (1)flashimmer (1095)gilbby (10)glimax (23)infidelity (3892)king thorax (2040)lesbian (74645)lightningbell (26)male (231362)moontracker (6)quibbledash (271)rarimac (389)scootapound (7)shiningpie (32)shipping (151543)snailbloom (28)straight (102358)sweetiesnips (15)thundershy (56)twiburn (31)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (94093)


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Background Pony #AB40
Okay, you didn’t ask my friend’s permission to upload her work. Please take it down.
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