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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe1555923 artist:dragonpone338 derpibooru exclusive23821 mean applejack234 mean fluttershy208 mean pinkie pie183 mean rainbow dash168 mean rarity237 mean twilight sparkle672 queen chrysalis31912 alicorn191093 changeling39087 changeling queen11214 earth pony190649 pegasus232587 pony827103 unicorn257786 the mean 61548 :<949 :c489 angry23480 annoyed4963 argument745 bags under eyes1748 bipedal30019 bipedal leaning1415 chest fluff31537 clone2233 clone six56 confused4058 crossed arms4078 crossed hooves1671 curved horn5628 eyes closed78435 facing away197 fangs21581 female880214 floppy ears45935 flying33742 former queen chrysalis320 freckles24770 frown21347 glare7983 horn40505 i'm surrounded by idiots26 leaning3064 lidded eyes24688 lineless3448 looking at you140638 looking down6517 mare404502 mommy chrissy258 open mouth120462 pouting1823 prone22904 regret249 sad22409 sharp teeth3118 shoulder freckles889 shrunken pupils2335 simple background338009 sitting53834 smiling209963 spread wings46818 teeth7586 tongue out88593 transparent background176212 unamused13372 underhoof45987 wall of tags2245 wide eyes16027 wings72075 yelling2808


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