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"I’ve made a terrible mistake"
safe (1342562)artist:dragonpone (313)derpibooru exclusive (17964)mean applejack (183)mean fluttershy (162)mean pinkie pie (144)mean rainbow dash (132)mean rarity (197)mean twilight sparkle (423)queen chrysalis (27336)the mean 6 (1223):< (841)alicorn (146550)angry (17741)annoyed (3816)argument (601)bags under eyes (1130)bipedal (25619)bipedal leaning (1165):c (420)changeling (27921)changeling queen (4759)chest fluff (22719)clone (1384)clone six (51)confused (2898)crossed arms (3023)crossed hooves (1320)curved horn (4250)earth pony (125900)eyes closed (62116)facing away (101)fangs (15830)female (682031)floppy ears (38282)flying (27227)former queen chrysalis (199)freckles (17760)frown (18415)glare (7275)horn (17759)i'm surrounded by idiots (20)leaning (2545)lidded eyes (16004)lineless (2647)looking at you (109833)looking down (4650)mare (297014)mommy chrissy (218)open mouth (95314)pegasus (164149)pony (617802)pouting (1529)prone (19206)regret (200)sad (19099)sharp teeth (2259)shoulder freckles (670)shrunken pupils (1404)simple background (268514)sitting (42276)smiling (167495)spread wings (37801)teeth (5881)tongue out (69555)transparent background (141345)unamused (9873)underhoof (38636)unicorn (174131)wall of tags (1500)wide eyes (13431)wings (43732)yelling (2255)

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