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Start of the battle: The hope rises with sun.
Greerings: Ni-ice day to you.
Well Played: This is a turning point.
Thanks: You have honest gratitude of my.
Wow: Such brilliance!
Oops: …what will they say?
Treaten: I will not let you harm them!!
Waiting: What should I do?.. They will not allow it… Is this best for equestrians?..
Attack: For equestrians!
Out of time: Protect! Not stay idle!
Consede: I grow dim… like sun.

Start against Priest: Luna? But… why?
Answering Priest: They are not your toys.
source needed (11218)safe (1425870)artist:rain-gear (212)princess celestia (83462)alicorn (162739)pony (694088)armor (18725)cloud (28398)crown (10677)female (757676)flying (29763)hearthstone (333)hearthstone hero (6)jewelry (38823)lidded eyes (18576)mare (333905)raised hoof (31992)regalia (12182)royalty (848)smiling (182644)solo (874119)sparkles (3315)spread wings (40864)tiara (2341)warcraft (699)wings (52686)

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