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I saw this vector Cheezedoodle made and I liked the pose so I used it for myself. No worries, I didn't use any of his parts. :v

Nothing more to say than that.
safe1749511 artist:lightningbolt918 derpibooru exclusive29299 pegasus308824 pony1009659 .svg available8458 clothes475611 dreamworks face978 flying39389 grin40858 hair over one eye9322 hoof on hip145 looking at you175499 male387715 nose piercing2803 pierce the veil110 piercing43060 ponified41981 raised eyebrow6685 shirt26145 simple background408802 smiling260601 smug6255 solo1093762 spread wings57001 stallion115614 svg3700 t-shirt4658 transparent background208685 vector77845 vic fuentes79 wings122910


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