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Both me and NeneNyaa love Vocaloid and their music. The first song we both enjoyed was Magnet sung by Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka.
NeneNyaa continues to like Hatsune Miku, while I started to get an interest in Kagamine Rin.
(Yes, the butterfly headphones are a subtle nod to them)

Artwork commissioned for myself and NeneNyaa and created by MartenMartes, check out her DeviantArt and YCH.Commishes pages for more.
safe (1425346)artist:martenmartes (20)oc (523458)oc:code sketch (21)oc:nenenyaa (13)oc only (363093)butterfly (5489)pony (688060)semi-anthro (9474)unicorn (202060)butterfly wings (358)commission (40451)female (756909)friendshipping (397)headphones (5885)just friends (128)looking at each other (12496)magnet (149)male (256677)mare (333724)not shipping (62)singing (5168)stallion (72626)vocaloid (445)ych result (11740)

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