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Minecraft: First Nether Trip
Finally, after collecting enough resources and making a claim in this world, we always end up going to The Nether. But everytime we do, we never know what fresh hell we will step into.

Artwork commissioned for myself and created by MartenMartes, check out her DeviantArt and YCH.Commishes pages for more.
safe (1425526)artist:martenmartes (20)oc (523522)oc:code sketch (21)oc only (363109)pony (688163)unicorn (202109)commission (40454)cutie mark (33806)lava (651)male (256715)mouth hold (13271)nether (14)nether portal (4)solo (873860)stallion (72646)sword (9415)the nether (4)weapon (22740)ych result (11740)

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