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i’m four days late on this shit but still happy halloween fuckos!

and full res of course: here

Uploader’s note: Original full res file was slightly too big to upload. I ran it through gifsicle -b -O3 −−no−extensions.
dead source (14691)semi-grimdark (22700)artist:anontheanon (240)songbird serenade (938)spike (62593)oc (484850)oc:anon (10078)my little pony: the movie (15226)animated (79752)anonymous (641)bondage (25043)bow (16767)brain (312)brain in a jar (18)clipboard (826)clothes (327395)dragon (30872)electrocution (190)experiment (192)female (679858)film grain (144)frankenstein (54)frankenstein's monster (156)gif (21492)goggles (11000)grayscale (28744)human (122332)it's alive! (8)lab coat (1613)male (230204)mare (295854)monochrome (128535)pony (606883)science (1074)seizure warning (2753)stitches (535)


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Background Pony #81AD
If someone showed this gif to Sia Furler, I think she would mentally spazz out. There’s no denying that she is a pawn for the music industry.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Actual Horse
It is just a (((coincidence))), there is (((((nothing))))) suspicious about that. It is a ((((((((((mystery))))))))))
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