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i’m four days late on this shit but still happy halloween fuckos!

and full res of course: here

Uploader's note: Original full res file was slightly too big to upload. I ran it through gifsicle -b -O3 −−no−extensions.
dead source (17695) semi-grimdark (25888) artist:anontheanon (272) songbird serenade (1042) spike (70913) oc (558031) oc:anon (10931) dragon (42424) human (136074) pony (766974) my little pony: the movie (17039) animated (87541) anonymous (674) bondage (28045) bow (21212) brain (343) brain in a jar (18) clipboard (980) clothes (377019) electrocution (216) experiment (221) female (813227) film grain (179) frankenstein (60) frankenstein's monster (193) gif (25912) goggles (12201) grayscale (32271) it's alive! (9) lab coat (1834) male (276905) mare (367794) monochrome (138884) science (1143) seizure warning (2948) stitches (636)


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Background Pony #2457
If someone showed this gif to Sia Furler, I think she would mentally spazz out. There's no denying that she is a pawn for the music industry.
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Actual Horse
It is just a (((coincidence))), there is (((((nothing))))) suspicious about that. It is a ((((((((((mystery))))))))))
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
Omg I just barely noticed that her brain is actually in the container up above! I've been so busy staring at her adorable twitching limbs!
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Background Pony #DEC5
For some reason I'm imagining a version of this in which the brain in the tank is also wearing a big cute bow. Because Equestria.
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