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safe1586981 artist:jake heritagu878 artist:little-tweenframes0 artist:verumtee27 aria blaze9164 sci-twi21832 spike74472 spike the regular dog2347 sunset shimmer57550 twilight sparkle283875 oc609438 oc:sparkling sapphire51 dog8540 comic:aria's archives206 comic:sparkling shimmer6 series:sciset diary115 series:sunlight horizons6 equestria girls182988 alternate timeline2713 alternate universe9538 ciderfest12 collaboration4854 comic101457 crossover58203 female1207555 lesbian90436 magical lesbian spawn10338 multiverse128 offspring34081 parent:sci-twi175 parent:sunset shimmer1287 parents:scitwishimmer138 scitwishimmer2043 shipping184618 sunsetsparkle4099