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The comic continues. As their pilot still can’t figure out how to land the airship, the gang decides they’re close enough and has their fliers carry everyone else down.
On the ground they’re greeted by ponies from Nightmare Heights, who offer to carry everyone’s luggage the rest of the way. Except for Night Cap. He’ll have to carry his.
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To remember why the ponies of Nightmare Heights don’t like Night Cap, see chapter 2: >>1249452
safe1753146 artist:dsb71013309 anchors away47 oc713115 oc:amber spark92 oc:maplejack48 oc:misty monsoon23 oc:night cap186 oc:rhapsody84 oc:snowy skies52 oc:static signal106 earth pony266955 pegasus310078 pony1012803 unicorn343340 g36926 background pony10451 butt66220 carrying2285 cart1422 cloud32157 comic111594 female1404153 flying39489 g3 to g41202 generation leap5887 glowing horn20588 horn78059 luggage266 magic75510 male388806 mare503320 monochrome152398 mouth hold18094 plot82170 stallion116052 suitcase405 teleportation621


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The fact that you have me both hate and pity Night Cap is something that speaks highly of successful story. Also love the hummingbird Maple, just trying to get her own self and bag down must be quite a workout for her.