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The Starlight i doodled for the Halloween collab pic I never draw her, so here’s the bae!
explicit343385 artist:rileyisherehide223 starlight glimmer47788 pony939405 unicorn311183 :p8535 anal insertion8667 anatomically correct23291 anus94564 bedroom eyes58011 buttplug3704 cheek fluff5249 chest fluff37541 clitoris26480 cutie mark46588 cutie mark buttplug168 dock48417 ear fluff28201 eyelashes9338 female1336637 frog (hoof)12220 horn62072 insertion17418 looking at you163190 looking back55512 looking back at you13877 mare466593 nudity361625 on side6607 plot76992 pose5713 raised tail14882 rear view11557 seductive2098 seductive look1235 seductive pose1587 sex toy24921 sexy28457 silly7356 simple background383671 smiling240442 solo1043949 solo female176864 stupid sexy starlight glimmer524 sultry pose1816 tail26120 tongue out100994 transparent background198136 underhoof50662 vulva124581


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I am the blarg.
Waaaay back in the day, I just wanted an overly generic name so my friends (also MLP fans) wouldn't identify me on this site if they also ventured forth into NSFW stuff.

I think I succeeded in having an extremely generic name. Lol.