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The Starlight i doodled for the Halloween collab pic ^^ I never draw her, so here’s the bae!

explicit445343 artist:rileyisherehide270 starlight glimmer57926 pony1445166 unicorn497860 :p13469 anal insertion11547 anatomically correct32710 anus128456 bedroom eyes77585 butt212483 buttplug5089 cheek fluff8655 chest fluff60026 clitoris38228 cutie mark51753 cutie mark buttplug206 dock66588 ear fluff45987 eyelashes24395 female1707130 frog (hoof)18803 glimmer glutes2267 high res92640 horn134304 insertion22409 looking at you239476 looking back80478 looking back at you26480 mare682278 nudity483170 on side8812 plot131978 pose8130 raised tail23258 rear view20209 seductive4481 seductive look3163 seductive pose2923 sex toy32267 sexy42724 silly8596 simple background556347 smiling365826 solo1358151 solo female221402 stupid sexy starlight glimmer747 sultry pose3310 tail83502 tongue out138543 transparent background270248 underhoof65489 vulva176022


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I am the blarg.
Waaaay back in the day, I just wanted an overly generic name so my friends (also MLP fans) wouldn’t identify me on this site if they also ventured forth into NSFW stuff.
I think I succeeded in having an extremely generic name. Lol.