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safe (1425526)artist:drheartdoodles (97)oc (523522)oc:crumble (15)oc:dr.heart (53)oc:haven (16)oc:lightshow (3)oc only (363109)oc:starry night (61)bat pony (35682)clydesdale (124)pegasus (187069)pony (688162):3 (3489)bat pony oc (10028)climbing (229)colt (11156)cute (147912)dialogue (50484)dogpile (31)ear bite (1040)ear tufts (248)eeee (444)excited (2162)eyes closed (67742)female (757024)filly (50298)flying (29746)happy (23765)heart (37757)holding on (51)hug (22552)kissy face (362)lined paper (3818)looking up (11837)male (256715)nibbling (220)o3o (43)ponies riding ponies (1893)pony hat (331)prone (20412)size difference (10592)smiling (182566)speech bubble (16583)spread wings (40852)stallion (72646):t (3298)traditional art (96168)unshorn fetlocks (18564)wide eyes (14255)wings (52656)

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