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And Happy Halloween everybody! I can't believe I made it all the way through and managed to finish actually in October So for the last picture I wanted to include the rest of my characters that hadn't been featured in the previous days!
Charmeuse Culicivora is of course a classic vampire (it fits her personality so well)
Sugar Bee is a little bumble bee (and very proud of herself for helping to make the costume)
Violet Vivanite is a classic 80's rockstar (cause rocks and hopefully she looks okay, idk clothes)
Morpheus as sailor moon (which the sailor ponies are in the comics, and his sister's totally dressed him, he doesn't care it makes them happy)
Nova Nightshade as a witch (also think the ponytail is cute on her)
Sundance (as a cowgirl because aesthetic)

I really enjoyed doing inktober this year even if it was very hard to keep up with! I'll definitely take it easy for November but I might do a drawcember prompt list (those are a thing right?)
safe1585939 artist:misskanabelle39 oc608701 oc only408858 oc:charmeuse culicivora1 oc:morpheus18 oc:nova nightshade1 oc:sugar bee5 oc:sundance54 oc:violet vivanite2 bat pony43158 changepony900 earth pony205612 hybrid15403 pegasus247095 pony856080 unicorn273682 vampire3346 animal costume1781 bat pony oc14193 bee costume210 clothes414463 costume24799 cowboy188 female1186575 halloween6775 halloween costume1252 happy halloween94 hat77185 holiday15677 interspecies offspring6183 magical lesbian spawn10317 male325088 mare426686 offspring34035 parent:big macintosh2656 parent:fluttershy4116 parent:king sombra1075 parent:maud pie370 parent:mud briar119 parent:princess celestia1858 parent:princess luna1938 parent:queen chrysalis967 parents:chryslestia91 parents:fluttermac1129 parents:lumbra275 parents:maudbriar94 sailor moon1387 signature19640 stallion94295 witch2074 witch hat2505


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