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Based on >>1866298
safe (1430755)artist:szafir87 (112)artist:t72b (294)autumn blaze (2492)human (130894)kirin (4896)sounds of silence (3105)angle grinder (6)animated (84845)arched back (119)awwtumn blaze (465)back scratching (55)behaving like a cat (1584)bonding (76)buffer (5)cloven hooves (7393)colored hooves (3239)communism in the comments (13)cute (148880)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2582)disembodied hand (2117)everything went better than expected (64)eyes closed (68051)eyeshadow (10501)female (761313)gif (24001)gray background (4982)grinder (12)hand (6802)happy (23894)heart (37903)hnnng (2050)horn (26312)leonine tail (5872)makeup (14111)mare (335991)massage (815)offscreen character (24185)petting (1489)power tools (14)scales (675)scratching (432)silly (6453)simple background (291207)smiling (183501)solo focus (12421)sparks (167)standing (8256)sweet dreams fuel (548)szafir87 is trying to murder us (14)tail wag (734)three quarter view (657)wat (17594)weapons-grade cute (2711)


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