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Angel has lived with Fluttershy for years, and if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s not to trust her continence when Nightmare Night is involved. Though she seems pretty determined to stay where she is…
safe (1505940) artist:ithinkitsdivine (64) angel bunny (8911) fluttershy (191639) pegasus (214615) pony (782731) scare master (850) absurd resolution (62734) animal (2754) bed (33767) blushing (165178) book (28805) covering crotch (214) crossed legs (2474) desperation (634) dialogue (55184) duo (43881) female (830429) fetish (32364) food (56296) halloween (6724) hiding (1229) holiday (15161) lip bite (9780) male (283273) need to pee (857) night (21046) nightmare night (4304) omorashi (830) peanut butter (360) potty dance (305) potty emergency (447) potty time (1092) show accurate (8604) sitting (50545) squirming (131) sweat (21268) teddy bear (1122)


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Comfy Pones
I'm excited! You make very good vectors, I can't wait to see your padding!

@The Dark Pony
It's funny how people can like things for different reasons… some people like leaky diapers, but it's odd to me because the whole reason I like them is that you don't have this huge awful mess to clean after you "go" or have an accident…
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@A Gruntman
Heh, I was expecting this comment. But who knows? Maybe that part comes later.
She probably has a few full jars, but in this situation the last thing she wants to be doing is scoffing down MORE food and drink.
Most of these will be one-offs, but I'm sure I'll have a few special ones where I push it a little further.
Funny you should say that. Because now that I draw diapers, you might be seeing a few "alternate versions…"
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A Gruntman
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Oh dear… from her expression and where her hoof is positioned, I thought she was doing something else.
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