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safe1878413 artist:raridashdoodles326 rainbow dash251112 rarity196205 spike84531 dragon65579 pegasus364167 pony1224256 unicorn401449 armor26165 blushing224126 cheek kiss2108 clothes524623 cute222747 damsel in distress411 dashabetes10448 dress50588 female1516209 hennin275 kissing27334 knight1144 knight rescues the princess44 landing203 lesbian104412 mare566090 princess2643 princess rainbow dash45 rainbow dash always dresses in style1763 raribetes6081 raridash2018 rescue314 role reversal1485 rope13321 shipping219992 spikezilla515 swing724 swinging263 winged spike9041 winged spikezilla53 wings152867


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This image reminded me of the movie Romancing the Stone, probably because of the similar pose on the cover of that movie (swinging from vines). Not sure why Spike would be trying to keep RD in a tower though, if he’s got a Rarity crush.

le grand rêveur
For this couple raridash I find it impossible.  
Seeing the reaction to Spike you broke his heart.  
is for hardship he will become the future great villain who will destroy this world.  
Didn’t we tell you?  
I know for sure there’s no season 10.  
glory to the dragon Lord Spike.