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suggestive (109863)artist:efk-san (173)fluttershy (179524)equestria girls (154607)absurd res (60780)blushing (149594)chest fluff (24607)clothes (344584)dress (33832)embarrassed (8468)feather (4308)female (726845)fluffershy (27)fur (257)looking down (4999)partial nudity (12224)ponied up (4196)simple background (282294)solo (857364)solo female (152797)spread wings (39737)topless (9135)transparent background (147935)vector (65196)wardrobe malfunction (3831)wat (17333)what has magic done (466)wings (49604)


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Background Pony #4202
Hey this is interesting, A vector of one of Flash Equestria’s own Vector pieces!
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