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I wanna try out something new here and there, going back to my old comic like style and polishing it to give it a good new reboost :) There we go! Expect some cute, comic horsies/characters which I originally drew traditionally, scanned in and coloured/edited by :iconsnoopystallion: :)

This one is a bit more personal than the rest as it actually represents the first time I got to try out going to the Sauna. I did that with Snoopy and learned quickly, that I enjoy doing these XD Did that a few times now, already XD I'm grateful that I got to try them finally and it was enjoyable doing the first ones with him, so thank you Snoopy!
I just felt like drawing this scene and wanted to make it look a little silly, as well :P Hence why we are all naked (yes, no scarf, no glasses or collars here XD) and our expressions look a little silly but warm, just like the heat during a sauna — haaaah~

I drew the characters and Snoopy edited the background, making the sauna benches look more realistic and fitting for the perspective — as well as he did the overall colouring.

Anyways, I really hope you like this next one of a mini series consisting of collabs between Snoopy and me.
Have fun with them!

Lupi (traditional lineart): Around 1 Hour

Snoopy (digital colouring): Around 3 Hours

Check out :iconsnoopystallion: 's page for more interesting work : www.deviantart.com/snoopystall…

If you want to support me, make sure to check out my Patreon. Every little bit helps me to keep my work possible and is very much appreciated. Thank you

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