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Kirin sure do love their trees. I think Autumn needs some "foal-fillment" after only having non penis-shaped inanimate companions to keep her company.

I'm sorry for that terrible pun.
explicit343384 artist:pedalspony406 autumn blaze3744 kirin8257 semi-anthro13024 sounds of silence3325 absurd resolution65466 anus94564 bedroom eyes58011 clitoris26480 cloven hooves9816 female1336635 floppy ears50722 looking at you163190 looking back55512 looking back at you13877 mare466593 nudity361624 open mouth140161 pinup3027 ponut42392 presenting23523 puckered asshole2967 pun in description69 raised tail14882 scales1109 sexy28457 solo1043949 solo female176864 tail26120 tail aside1323 tree31370 tree branch955 unshorn fetlocks24464 vulva124580 vulvar winking11490


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This is one of the more artistic poses I've seen you draw.
Tickles my fancy something fierce(in a non-sexual way).
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Word Bug
Is this a semi-anthro pose? The shoulders and the way her arms are twisted like that seem to imply such. Great art all the same!