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This is A new Next gen I thought of out bordem

My Mom Helped me with some ships!

She helped me with Lighting Dust's Partner which is Soarin
and Cheerlie's partner which is Star tracker

and She also helped me with Limestone Pie's Partner which is Rockhoof

She also helped me with Fluttershy's Partner which is Flam

Mlp Heads By Saphi-Boo
safe1638988 artist:xxwerecatdipperxx29 applejack164534 braeburn6125 caramel2425 cheerilee9665 comet tail863 daring do6272 derpy hooves49059 doctor caballeron773 donut joe771 double diamond1634 dumbbell620 feather bangs537 flam2090 fluttershy205620 lightning dust4400 limestone pie4804 marble pie6271 maud pie12150 mudbriar777 pinkie pie209886 pokey pierce1328 quibble pants1489 rainbow dash226536 rarity175906 rockhoof1085 soarin'13627 spitfire13060 star tracker372 starlight glimmer46515 sunset shimmer60055 thunderlane3947 trixie65016 trouble shoes1100 twilight sparkle291695 alicorn211028 pony904751 caraglimmer1 cheeritracker1 cometjack1 daballeron51 derpydonut1 doublepinkie5 dumbdash136 female1304804 flamshy3 layering fail28 limehoof3 male351026 marblepierce2 maudbriar244 quibblelight9 rarilane166 shipping191523 shipping chart136 soarindust12 spitbangs1 straight129939 sunburn (shipping)2 trixieshoes1 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119914


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Background Pony #2EF3
Okay, you didn’t ask my friend’s permission to upload her work. Please take it down.