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This is Funverse…

Also If you don't Ship SweetieMac please do not start a shipping argument and saying its Pedophilia….I Do not want any drama about this ship!
I ship what I Want to Ship!
Mlp heads by Saphi-Boo
safe1636858 artist:xxwerecatdipperxx29 apple bloom47965 applejack164349 babs seed5662 big macintosh27382 bon bon15867 braeburn6125 capper dapperpaws1498 caramel2420 derpy hooves49010 dj pon-328639 doctor whooves10512 feather bangs535 flashdancer83 fluttershy205386 frederic horseshoepin277 king sombra13260 lightning dust4394 limestone pie4801 lyra heartstrings28695 marble pie6263 maud pie12139 mudbriar776 neon lights851 night glider1312 octavia melody23182 pharynx937 pinkie pie209667 princess celestia92206 princess luna96420 quibble pants1489 rainbow dash226293 rarity175720 rising star850 rumble3852 sci-twi22936 sky stinger509 snips4132 soarin'13621 spitfire13048 star tracker367 sunset shimmer59952 sweetie belle47746 sweetie drops15867 tender taps673 thunderlane3941 timber spruce1875 time turner10508 trouble shoes1098 twilight sparkle291392 vinyl scratch28639 zecora9053 alicorn210452 changedling7810 changeling43956 pony901944 equestria girls190765 my little pony: the movie18463 bips41 braeshy94 crack shipping3533 derpyjack21 female1302823 fredtavia78 good king sombra547 lesbian92926 limebra1 lunapper3 lyrabon3189 male350255 marblemel2 maudbriar244 pharlestia1 prince pharynx683 quibblepie3 raribangs2 rumbelle284 scitwilicorn551 shipping191216 skydash9 soarset1 spitdoctor1 straight129745 sweetiemac160 tenderbloom221 thunderdust45 timbertwi414 trackora1 troubleglider1 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119791 vinylights206


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Background Pony #B2E3
Okay, you didn’t ask my friend’s permission to upload her work. Please take it down.
Background Pony #9494
everthing but lyra and bon on is good, actually lyra is good, bon bon sucks.